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BugCON 4: almost too intense for climbing, DEET required
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May 3, 2007

Hi Folks,

I haven't seen any moose or bear yet, but I have seen their sign. I noticed bear tracks in the woods off the Bryce Path up near the old Bouchard cabin between Cathedral and Whitehorse. Two sets, one large and another fairly small, seemed to indicate a mother and cub. This time of year I keep my eyes open and the kiddo and dog close by when I'm out. I do not want to get in between mother & cub! I've seen moose scat and tracks as well. Moose don't come into our area all that often and are rarely spotted around the cliffs, however I have seen them up on Bear Notch Road or off the Kanc in the Spring. Now that it's clear enough to ride the bike up there I'm sure I'll see one or more soon enough. Not too close tho!

Bug Report:
Several folks have asked me about the bugs up here right now. While there aren't all that many, they are starting to come out. I was over at Cathedral on a windless afternoon a few days ago and noticed some big fat mosquitoes landing on my bare legs hoping to grab a quick snack. Needless to say they, the bugs, didn't last too long! Several friends have commented that they've found ticks on their dogs so I guess it's time to put the anti-tick stuff on the dog & cat. I haven't seen any black flies here yet, thank goodness. However, my buddy Jeff who lives over in central Vermont says that he has them in his area - fortunately not biting yet. Hopefully we have a couple of more weeks before we need to break out the DEET. Until then things are pretty much perfect for any and all outdoor activities here in the Valley.

Changes in Peregrine Closure at Rumney Rocks in 2007:
From Chris Martin, Senior Biologist, Conservation Department at New Hampshire Audubon.

Climbers will want to take note of the following changes, effective 5/2/2007, to the temporary closure for peregrine falcons at Rumney Rocks Climbing Area, also known as Rattlesnake Mountain, in Rumney, NH. Please share this information with others whom you think might be interested.

Peregrine falcons have taken up residence and are nesting on the SUMMIT CLIFF at Rumney Rocks Climbing Area. The entire SUMMIT CLIFF (including "Flea Surgeon" and "Northwest Passage"), as well as the ASYLUM CLIFF and the MONOLITH are temporarily closed to climbing. ALL other crags, including the MAIN CLIFF, are OPEN. That's right ... the MAIN CLIFF is OPEN. First time open in the spring in 14 years! Your cooperation and respect for this closure is essential if these birds are to nest successfully. Closure will end no later than August 1, 2007.

NOTE - there is no word yet regarding closure at Cathedral Ledge. I will post information in the Forum and in the Report as soon as I receive it.
Bureau of Land Management Releases Policy on Fixed Anchors in Wilderness:
From the Access Fund. On March 15 the BLM’s Washington, DC office released an instruction memo (IM) that clarifies BLM policy regarding the management of “Permanent Fixed Anchors for Climbing in Designated Wilderness Areas Managed by BLM.” For full text see of the IM, see . The BLM policy recognizes that climbing is a legitimate and appropriate use of BLM Wilderness Areas and that the use of climbing “fixed anchors has a history that predates the Wilderness Act.”

Whether or not the BLM’s fixed anchor policy accomplishes its intended purpose will depend largely on how it is implemented in the upcoming Red Rocks plan. Stay tuned to the Access Fund ENEWS and Vertical Times—or contact the BLM—regarding the specific schedule for the Red Rocks planning process.

For more information from the BLM, contact Jeff Jarvis, Division Chief, Wilderness, Rivers, and Trails, (202) 452-5189,

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Al Hospers
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