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The White Mountain Report: Jul 4th, 2024
Welp, here we are, 1/3rd of the way through the summer season. It feels so amazing to me that we are already on July 4th. My how fast the time flies...That said, I wish you all a great July 4th week. Savor the time with family and friends and get out and enjoy what portends to be a good weekend. All my best wishes to you all, AND best hopes and prayers for our country.
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INNER RANGES An Anthology of Mountain Thoughts and Mountain People:
Geoff Powter
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Is climbing literature in a phase of re-invention after the decades of expedition books?
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Mines Of Moria -  A2 IV 5.6

Certainly one of the classic moderate aid climbs on Cathedral. Look out, before long it's going to go free!

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Wilderness /n./ archaic word used to refer to the space that once existed between urban areas and which is now used as a proving ground for 4-wheel drive vehicles.
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It was an interesting ice season, but it's certainly well over on 4/24.<br />
Standard Route, Frankenstein
It was an interesting ice season, but it's certainly well over on 4/24.
Standard Route, Frankenstein
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