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October 9, 2008

Hi Folks,

So here we are up here in the north country and it's the middle of October, looking at another presidential election coming up, muddling through an economic crisis like no other in recent history, and staring winter in the face. It's hard to figure how all this will affect us all personally. If you spend any time listening to the taking-heads on the boob-tube you can really get frightened.

Predictions for the weather this winter are all over the place. The Farmers Almanac seems to be saying it's bad, other places on the web say moderate, I'm waiting to see what the wooly caterpillars are saying. Frankly I haven't seen any so far so maybe we won't have a winter at all. Your guess is as good as mine, but I figure I'd better be prepared regardless.

All I know is that I've laid in a lot more wood for the winter than usual, and am thinking about getting a bit more on hand. On top of that we have a larder in the basement and have been getting some canned goods in place in case things really do get bad. I wish that my garden had been a bit more productive this season.

I have seen a drop in the number of folks wanted to be guided this season and I suppose that's not all that surprising. Times have been getting tougher for a while, and for the middle-class climber hiring a guide is most likely a luxury. On top of that it's pretty clear that the whole trad-climbing thing has slowed down in general. It's been a while since the road by Cathedral Ledge has been filled up. Not that I personally drive over there any more. [wry grin] Sport climbing & bouldering is the THANG for the up and coming climbers. That's not a bad thing for trad-climbers who want to be able to climb whatever they want, when they want. But it's not so good for those who make some or all of their living from climbing instruction. Seems that there is actually little or no guiding for sport climbers, and maybe minimal instruction. Seems like there should be, but if it's happening I don't hear about it.

From my viewpoint the whole election thing is unnerving everyone right now. My conservative friends are as freaked about it as the liberals. Those of us who are in the middle feel really uncomfortable, that's for sure. The only thing I can say is that if you want to have a voice about what's going to happen, get out there & VOTE. A friend sent me a link to this great video on that subject:

Don't Vote!

I figure most of you are registered, but if you are not, DO IT NOW. While it is a right, it is also a responsibility. And then once you are registered, take the time on election day to actually go to a polling place and cast your vote. Remember, there are still places in the world where people can't do that.

I've mentioned this before but this is also the prime time for those of us who are trying to find new route areas. As the leaves come off the trees cool places that are normally hidden are revealed. Keep your eyes open as you ride your bike here & there or drive through the notches. Who knows, you may be the one to spot the next Crack In The Woods or Mt. Oscar!

We've had some great days over this past week to get out & do anything and the foliage is at or just past peak. Frankly it's one of the most beautiful times of year to be up here. Plus you have the sight of a white dusting on top of Mt. Washington, providing the near-constant reminder that before we know it we'll be doing all the wonderful things that we enjoy doing in the winter up here.
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Thanks so much for your support.

All I'm seeing right now is the occasional mosquito, a few Japanese beetles and the random stink-bug. all in all I figure that bug season is done now. Enjoy it!

Self Serving Musical Advert:
I'm playing with Bear & the Honeydrippers at the Wildcat Tavern on Saturday & Sunday, October 11-12. Bear is a great showman & harmonica player, the guitarist Dave Tegelar is an old friend from Boston who is fantastic and drummer Jared Steer and I have been playing together in a wide variety of projects over the past year - he plays in Sounds Clever too! If you like the blues I think you will really like this band. Drop by for a beer or two & say hi.

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
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