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August 19, 2010

Hi Folks,

I keep trying to put the fact that it's almost Labor Day out of my mind. Unfortunately it simply keeps creeping back in. This has been such a nice summer, for a change, that I simply don't want it to end. Usually I try to pick one activity to do for the summer and pound it out, and for many years that was climbing. For the past several it's been riding the bike, but as my son Lewis has gotten older, I find myself wanting to do lots of different things. Mainly because he doesn't seem to want to focus on any single one. Does that sound familiar? Let's face it, very few 10 year olds throw all of their energy into a single activity.

That said, Lewis has been taking Karate for the past 3 years, and he really does like it. He goes to the dojo in Lovell for classes twice a week and it has really paid dividends in his general focus as well as his overall fitness. This summer he's been riding his new mountain bike quite a lot with me. He has no problem riding 10-12 miles on the sweet single-track trails here in the Valley. While we were out riding a couple of days ago he commented that he was feeling stronger in his Karate classes. I pointed out that riding the bike and hiking both were excellent training for his Karate, tho they weren't exactly the same actions. Turns out that he had actually heard the term cross-training and mostly understood what it meant. It was pretty cool that he could actually tell that doing all these activities made a change in his body!

Over the past several years he and I have been spending a fair amount of time hiking in the Summer months. It's given us some extended periods of time together that we wouldn't have otherwise, and it's away from our normal comfort zones. At least it's away from his, as I am very comfortable in the outdoors. We've hiked all the little local hills and a number of the area's 4,000+ footers: Eisenhower, Jefferson, Jackson, Hale, Pierce/Clinton. We only missed Madison by 100 feet because of driving hail and high winds, but that was an adventure regardless. This summer we haven't hiked quite as much, but we have done some hiking almost every week. Last week we cruised up Middle Sugarloaf. We'd done North last summer with his then 75 year old grandmother, but this time we really did blast along, doing the 2.8 mile round trip with time for a sandwich on the summit in a fraction over 2 hours.

All of this is in preparation for a somewhat ambitious outing we have planned for next week. Starting on Monday we will be doing a hut-to-hut Presidential Range Traverse! I didn't want to carry tent, stove and the like so we opted for the convenience of the huts. And in spite of the cost, and it IS pretty darn pricey, it's worth it. Depending on how many summits we do it will weigh in at as much as 23 miles, and that's a pretty good haul for a kiddo and an old codger like me. Our plan is to hike from Appalachia to the Madison Hut on Monday morning, take a breather and then tag Madison. Tuesday's hike to Lake Of The Clouds is the long day. That morning we hope to bag Adams and Washington on the way. Then on Wednesday we're heading over to Mizpah. We'll see what we do on the way as it will surely depend on both of our endurance, which lately has been very good. Since we've perviously done Eisenhower and PIerce, we want to pickup Franklin and Monroe on that side. Tho we could certainly have continued all the way down to Crawford Notch on the second day, we opted to spend the night at Mizpah just for the fun of it. It will be our last hurrah for a great summer and certainly will be something we will both remember.

I've been working on putting together our clothing and equipment for the hike. As always it's always more than I would like to take, even tho we are sleeping in the huts. I keep winnowing things down, and then add something else back in. For one thing I have my trusty Moonstone bivy sack that I throw into the bottom of my pack all winter long as a matter of course. Tho we have breakfasts and dinners as a part of our lodging, we still have to bring plenty of trail snacks plus powdered Gatorade for every day's drinks. Couple that with several changes of clothing, clean pairs of socks for every day, warm fleece and wind/rain jackets, plus putting everything in plastic bags to keep out any moisture, it keeps adding up. I keep reminding myself that at least we don't have to bring all the stuff I take on a winter traverse!

On top of all that stuff there is lots going on this week and weekend - including going to see Tom Petty in Boston on tonight (Thursday) and playing a big wedding on Saturday. Finally getting out there on the hike will actually be a relief. Now if we can just have some more of that weather that has be so deliciously good as of late. Wish us luck...

P.S. Since this coming week I won't be back 'till mid-day or so on Thursday and I don't get cell/smart phone service on the summit, there will not be an email Report next week. I will, however, post a Report on the NEClimbs web site on Friday morning. Stay tuned and have a great weekend...
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Al Hospers
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