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December 24, 2015

Hi Folks,

I woke up this morning to more rain after a solid day of rain, a day of dense warm fog and another night of rain. It was Xmas eve day and frankly I was in no mood for what I was seeing. Clearly Santa wasn’t going to be bringing me what I most desired, winter! [sigh] I know I’ve been trying my best to put on my best face about the weather we’ve been having, but it’s getting hard to do now. Sure I have things I can do outdoors like riding, hiking and rock climbing, but like you folks I’m definitely ready for the ICE!

That said, in spite of the weather some folks have managed to eat out a little ice, and even a bit in the lower elevations. The couple of days of chilly temps made some ice form up in Huntington and Tucks on Sunday & Monday. It was interesting was ice formed in the Black Dike, Fafnir and on some of the gullies on Franconia Ridge.


But even more interesting was that although there was barely a speck of ice at Frankenstein, Shoestring Gully came in for a day! Go figure… And if you are really Jonesing, you can grab something in Cathedral Cave like Shawn Bunnell and Ben Maxfield did!

Of course on those “cold” days the temps here in the Valley were just above freezing! [sheesh] I propose that we all to genuflect in whatever direction the ice gods live in, perhaps making an offering of a burnt ice ax instead of a fattened cow. Regardless, there WILL be ice sooner or later. Let’s just hope that it happens sooner, rather than later!
Ice or not, I want to wish all of you a HAPPY EVERYTHING, to steal a turn of phrase from Adam Sandler.


I rode on the east side of town a couple of times this week in between the rains, and in general it was still good. Two great rids are the Rattlesnake Ridge and Sidehill. Both have some leaves, but you can still make out the trail with ease and the roots aren’t bad. Just keep on riding that singletrack until the snows come! And then break out the fat tire bike.

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
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North Conway, New Hampshire

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