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November 24, 2016

Hi Folks,

Hard to believe but itís Thanksgiving folks, tho right now Iím looking out at snow falling pretty steadily. The summer has just blown by, and before we know it Christmas, winter and even Ice Fest will be upon us. I never quite understood it when my dad complained how years seemed to go faster as he got older, but at 69 I now understand. what he was saying. So give me a bit of a break when I whine that Iím not quite ready to give up rock season and riding the mountain bike! regardless, it is turkey day, and I wish you, your significant others and your families all my very best.

So, speaking of ice, since I know thatís what everyone is interested in right now! My friends Matt Bowman and Mike Pelchat took a hike up into Tucks on Wednesday. They found climbable ice on the Open Book and some other pitches above that. They reported minimal protection, but good sticks. Here are a few pictures:

I took a ride up into Crawford Notch this morning before the flurries started and found that the ice is finally starting to build up there. Depending on how things go over the next few days we might have some climbable ice in the lower elevations in a week, who knows?

The fire that took place near the Albany Covered Bridge has been contained and Passaconaway Road reopened to automobile traffic. However, the Boulder Loop Trail is closed indefinitely. According to the Forest Service, there are still hot spots and snags that present a hazard to hikers and climbers. Tho the climbs are most likely OK, once climbing is allowed, any fixed anchors should be carefully inspected before being used and all slings in the fire zone should be considered suspect!

Bear Notch Road is closed for the season, as is Cathedral Ledge Road. I have not heard about Hurricane Mt Road, but if itís not closed now it will be soon.

Last week I talked about climbing with George Hurley and Joe Perez at Ossipee Whiteface. George mentioned that this cliff was originally written up in the second edition of Ed Websterís long out of print guidebook, Rock climbing In The White Mountains of New Hampshire. It turns out that I have that guide and looked it up. The description starts on pp 246 and encompassing a whole 2 pages and describing 3 climbs with 3 variations! All were put up in 1985-86, mostly by Jim Graham and John Marshall. Interestingly in the description there is mention of the ďOssipee OwlĒ as a place from where you can see the cliff. Turns out it is a place Iíve noticed for years, but never paid much attention to. Go figure -

Ossipee Owl

If you hadnít heard, there was an incident on Cannon a couple of daze ago. Two climbers were ďrescuedĒ off Moonshadow (III, 5.9), a route just right of the Half Moon crack on Vertigo. As always s%^&t happens in the mountains. That said, itís hard to really understand what goes on in peopleís heads some times. While the weather was reasonable for the better part of the day, when the predicted change came in the evening, things all went to hell. A simple weather check on a cell phone would have saved a lot of hassle and prevented what could have been a tragic event. Tho we donít have the full details, itís hard not to understand why they couldnít have rapped off, even if they had to leave some gear! From someone on the rescue team:

"35 degrees, raining, 40 mph winds, and only 7 of us. It was a long night.† We did it in 2- 250 ft hauls and walked them off.Ē

Iíll leave it at thatÖ

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The wind was howling in the Valley on Wednesday when I was looking for a ride, so I decided to check out the Albany Town Forest for something different. I had heard that the NEMBA folks had leaf-blown it, and in fact that was correct. There is a part that runs along the Swift River and another thatís by the fields behind the Kennett Middle School. It was a very nice place to put in 4.5 miles of mostly flat single-track. All in all itís a great place to spend an hour or so. Check it outÖ

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
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