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August 10, 2017

Hi Folks,

As I mentioned last week, I love getting out to places I don't go very often. This week I was fortunate enough to get out to North Bald Cap with my friend Matt Bowman. It's a backcountry cliff that I've been to twice before and it's always been a fun adventure. This time was no exception.

We met at Matt's house in Berlin and he volunteered his truck for the drive. That was actually a good idea because the road is really horrible. It's only a 5 mile ride down a dirt road, but the road is so bad you can barely drive more than 5 MPH. Regardless we got the and started the 20 minute hike/bushwhack into the base of the climb. When I'd been out there before it was perfectly dry, but this time there were several wet areas that caused us to make some detours. Here's what the cliff ,looks like on the walking:

We got to the base of the climb fairly easily tho, and I got the first pitch. I wandered up a fairly easy slab, with fairly minimal gear, pushed through a tree ledge and climbed another 40' where I could find a belay. It turned out to be a bit to the right of where we wanted to be, but Matt made it work by going up and then traversing left on his pitch. This is real alpine climbing, with less gear that you find on routes on cliffs like Cathedral and Whitehorse, plus a fair amount of loose rock here and there. We swung pitches and the climbing was generally quite enjoyable. On top of that the location was amazing. The sky was blue, the clouds puffy white, the vegetation bright green and you could see Mt Surprise behind us to our left. It was wonderful.

The way things worked out I got the last pitch. This was a beautiful white 5.8 slab with perfect rock, a couple of bolts where they were needed and a great headwall finish. I was happy to have gotten in some practice on hard friction last week at Found Ledge and Mt Forist with Judy Perez and Brad. Like most backcountry excursions, this is not a place where you would want to take extra risks. Rescues out there would be a very difficult undertaking!

We rapped down from the headwall to our previous 2 bolt anchor and then rapped out climbers-left to connect with Inge's Ice Cream and then October Sundae. A few more raps and we were at the base of October Sundae. I went over to get my pack while Matt coiled rope. The hike out was actually very nice, with both of us stuffing our bellies with berries. If you feel comfortable in backcountry situations and have a truck for the access, this is a great place to climb and I highly recommend it.

Here's some more pictures and a link to the area on NEClimbs.

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Ice Conditions Report:
Selected Ice Conditions effective March 4, 2021
The answers to a few questions... Yes there is still ice to be climbed. Yes you need to be aware that things are starting to get punky in the sun. No it wasn't wet and drippy today. Yes we'll probably have good ice for another week or two. Yes climbs in the shade, like Dracula and Pegasus, will be good for longer than others. No climbs like Chia, Smear and Cave Route won't be in climbable shape that much longer - Chia in particular. Yes the days are longer and the sun is a lot stronger. Yes ice season is starting to wind down. Yes, it's been a pretty good season and I hope you all have been enjoying it...
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For the full current conditions report, CLICK HERE

It's hard for me to overstate just how great the trails are in the Valley right now. Every side of the Valley is in good shape and well worth riding. There are several new trails in the Marshall area that are well worth the explore.

The bug situation seems to be vert dependent on where you are. I was at the Marshall Trails a few days ago and the mosquitoes were terrible. really about as bad as I've seen. Then I was up in Berlin today and there were large numbers of gnats in town, but they weren't biting. And then Matt and I went out to North Bald Cap and the gnats were gone, and in spite of wandering through high grass and brush, I got no ticks. Go figure...

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
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