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November 23, 2017

Hi Folks,

It's Thanksgiving already. And of course the question of the day is rather unsurprisingly, what am I thankful for? Personally I am thankful for my health, for my ability to still climb rock and ice at 70, for the desire to be able to go out and pound some miles on the bike, to be able to play my bass every day, for my son, as ornery and obstreperous as he often is, and yes even for the 23 years I've spent with my soon to be ex-wife.

For all of this I am truly grateful. What about you? The things I am thankful this 23rd day of November are't really all that unusual I would assume. It's just that as I get older I find myself actually articulating them.

While I didn't check the ice conditions today, Turkey day, I did check yesterday. I got up to a somewhat dreary morning and was hoping for something more than the proverbial "taking the tools for a walk." Unfortunately what I found wasn't hugely encouraging. There isn't anything in the Valley that was much more than a skim over granite. Considering how nice the mountain biking has been the past several days, that was to be expected.

I had higher hopes for Crawford Notch, but temps weren't as low as I had expected. At Arethusa the car thermometer read 30, so I was slightly hopeful. I drove up a bit just to check on Standard and since there WAS ice I decided a walk was in order. Only one car was to be seen, but I thought that they might be hiking up to the falls. It did look as if there had been tracks from the previous afternoon or that morning, they clearly went in and out.

I wasn't encouraged looking at the Amphitheater from the trestle. In fact it was pretty depressing. There were just drools here & there and nothing that would want to stand next to. The mixed and slab areas were bad as well. Standard looks a bit better, tho there were holes here and there and lots of water running. Like last week I thought I might be able to scratch my way to the cave so I hiked up to the base. That brought things into perspective, and the perspective wasn't good. Most everything was just plastered to rock with water running behind it. The groove on the right that I often go up looked horrible and as I stood there bits and pieces of upper drools fell off. That sealed the deal for me and back to the tracks I went.

I had seen that there looked to be ice in Lost In The Forest so I decided that would be worth checking. I walked back down the tracks and headed ip. It didn't look as if anyone had been up there this year. As I got up closer, it looked worse and worse. I kept telling myself that I'd be able to manage a line on the left or right, but in ways it was thinner than Standard! Optimistically I thought I could eek out a line on the left so I got out the crampons and axes. After only about 15' of scratching, I gave up. It simply wasn't worth the effort and risk.

Well it's still very early in the season so I'm not depressed yet. Lower elevation ice doesn't usually actually come IN until mid to late December. So I'll just keep checking and in the meantime riding my bike.

Happy turkey day y'all.<

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In case you had forgotten, the 25 annual Ice Fest is coming up. Mark February 2-4 on your calendars and stay tuned. It's going to be a good one!

What can I say, it's all great right now. Lots of the trails are leaf blown and are packed well, even where there's a little snow. But right now that's pretty much gone too. Here's 3 pics over the past week. It just gets better.

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
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