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March 22, 2018

Hi Folks,

Well IMNSHO we sure dodged a bullet with this last storm. After 3 biggies in 10 daze, nobody I know was too thrilled with having to deal with the aftermath of another Nor'Easter. Sure, the ski community digs it, but it really doesn't do anything for the climbing other than make it harder to get around.

I got out last Friday with a bunch of friends planning to do Dracula. There were no cars at the Frankenstein lot when we arrived and there 2' of snow on the tracks. George broke trail to the trestle and I broke down to Standard. Sheesh, what a hassle. Dave Karl and I decided to see if we could do Standard Left and George & friends decided to check out Dracula. There was an amazing amount of snow so they decided to follow us and do Standard.

My partner Dave traversed across the snowfield below the middle of Standard to the tree. I followed and then tried to get up to the start of the ice. Unfortunately it was all snow plastered over rock, so I traversed back right and led up the middle of Standard. In retrospect we did some things that really weren't all that smart. The slope we traversed across was a fully loaded snow slope at 45 degrees with close to 3' of powder. Just to get TO the start of Standard middle you're in it. [Can you spell STUPID?]

I set up a belay about 40' from the ledge, brought Dave up and he led up to the ledge and brought me up. Then I led up the right hand pillar, the one that doesn't come in very often. It was steep, aerated and hard! The left side of it was very fragile. Regardless it was fun!

The walk off from Standard was a MAJOR slog. Traversing across the top of Dracula and the other little gully was definitely dicey. We walked across under the Hanging Garden and I continued over to Dracula, past Dropline and Penguin back to our packs while Dave went down to the tracks and then back up. In several places in the woods I felt VERY uncomfortable. Honestly it was foolish. Snow was 3' deep in places and could have let go at any time, even in the woods! Just goes to show how you can get caught up in something and all caution goes to the winds...
Of course the regular Thursday ice pix are on and Facebook, but here are some of the other pix.

The past few weeks have been crappy for fat tire riding here in the Valley. The only places decent to ride have been Whittaker Woods, Great Glen and Kingdom Trails - the latter being 90 minutes away. Of course these are all places that groom their trails. Prior to the last storm I was really thinking that we'd be riding in the woods sooner than later, but now I'm not so sure.


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Friends of the Ledges canít continue this work without your support and our early 2018 fundraising goal is $3,000. Please visit our website to learn more and donate:

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
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