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March 29, 2018

Hi Folks,

Every day I've been watching the ice disappear from Whitehorse and Cathedral, and from the fields and roadsides. It's going fast, and we don't even seem to get getting a mud season this year. It's as if it's evaporating into the air. I've been seeing cars parked at Humphrey's and hearing that the crowds are coming back to Rumney. It's a clear sign that Spring here, or at least well on the way.

I decided I'd better get on the stick and grab what may be the last ice climb of the year for me. I'd planned on climbing with a friend, but when that didn't materialize after taking my Thursday pictures I headed up to Frankenstein all by myself. From the road the right side looked doable, so I walked into Standard. The little gully on the right looked blue as did the pillar out the right of the cave, so I headed up. It was generally reasonable, tho if I'd been placing screws I'm not sure how great they would have been. There was one moment on a little steep bit at the top of the cave-pillar where my foot scraped off on a crappy bit of milk-ice. But other than that all went well. The trail on the walk off was a bit weird at times, but no biggie. It was a fun wind-up to what will likely be the end of my ice season unless I do a ravine day in the next week or two. Here's a few pix:

And for some humor, here is the pay phone at the Dry River campground across from Frankenstein. Check out what's written below FREE CALLS.
Of course the regular Thursday ice pix are on and Facebook, but here are some of the other pix.

If you're willing to get out early a few of the snowmobile trails and Whittaker Woods can be OK. I can't wait for the woods to dry out so I can ride on dirt again. It can't happen soon enough for me.


Friends of the Ledges is a volunteer organization dedicated to the stewardship of local climbing areas and to preserving the historical tradition of climbing in the eastern White Mountains of New Hampshire and Maine. Highlights from the past couple years include replacement of 93 bolts and partnering with the Access Fund on major trail work and the opening of Band M Ledge. Plans for the future include additional trail work at Cathedral Ledge and continued bolt replacement including a couple popular lines on Whitehorse Ledge.

Friends of the Ledges can't continue this work without your support and our early 2018 fundraising goal is $3,000. Please visit our website to learn more and donate:

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
The White Mountain Report
North Conway, New Hampshire

When you consider the ratio of adrenaline to dollars spent, I think ice climbing is a pretty economical.
Mike T (from the NEClimbs forum)
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