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March 14, 2019

Hi Folks,

Totally and completely crazed with work, music and life. So apologies for putting this out later than I would have wanted. So be it, I guess... Anywho, it's 33 degrees at 11pm on Thursday night and we just got a little rain shower! DAMN Another rollercoaster week of snow and cold and warm and now rain and warm. I guess spring is here as the song goes.

On Sunday I got out with Brad White, owner of IMCS, for a little bit of 2 old guys having a littler fun on Goofers. It was a nice morning, snowing a bit and the ice was fat and good. Here's a few pix:

On Monday I had to get up on the 2nd story roof on the back of my house to shovel snow. What a pain in the butt. On the good side I had a rope tied to a tree on the other side of the house and used my Petzl Shunt to move around. It's a reasonable system and makes absolutely sure I'm not going to slip and fall off. NO WAY I'm going to fall off that roof!

I need to take an AVY course. I'm thinking there's a weak layer up there!

Local climber, guide, adventurer and author Mark Synnott will be giving a talk at the Whitney Community Center in Jackson NH on Wednesday, March 20. In The Impossible Climb, Mark Synnott uses his own career as a professional climber, its intersection with that of Alex Honnold and the lead-up to Honnold's historic ascent, to paint a insider portrait of the elite climbing community, exploring what motivates them, the paradoxical drive to keep the sport pure and at the same time to fund climbs, and the role that awareness of mortality plays in the endeavor.

So I took my Thursday pix last week, ending at the top of Crawford Notch as always and headed to Frankenstein to meet up and climb with new-friend/partner James. Before I headed up the road I stopped by the lower lot to hit the potty. There's a lot of snow there, but it's still accessible and may I say "well used".

So I did my business, and yes I did bring my own TP 'cause I knew there wouldn't be any. However, when I went to open the door it wouldn't open. I thought the handle was jammed, so I jiggled it, still not open. I put some pressure on it, but no go! I pushed hard, harder and kicked it. Again, not opening for the boy. DAMN!!!!

I looked around and there is NO ALTERNATE WAY OUT, other than said door! I tried a couple of more times, to no avail... Needless to say the old guy's mind goes a little nuts here. I'm by myself. My new-friend/partner doesn't know my car and it's a chilly 7 degrees at 10:30. And it's quite doubtful anyone could hear me if I hollered. Fortunately I have on all my warm clothes, but no gloves. I try again, but no go. Now I'm just a little panicky...

I try the door handle again, up down up down and finally the door opens. WHEW!!!! I can see the headlines now:


Go figure...

Here are a few interesting pictures taken this morning:

As always the climb-by-climb pics are on Facebook and

Earlier in the week the riding was great, but with this warmup I'm not sure we're going to be able to get out there for a while. Sorry about that...

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
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The isolation of our situation, and the size of the wilderness beneath us, intensified our strength. For a moment I felt omniscient above the world.
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