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February 20, 2020

Hi Folks,

Yep, we got another good round of snow on Tuesday that lasted all day, dropping 10" here in the Valley and more in the higher elevations. I sure was happy that I didn't have to go anywhere 'cause it took some time to clear it out. For this round I actually had to rake the roof, which adds another hour+ onto the process. [sigh] Regardless the snow, longer days, warm temps followed by a significant cold snap last night and tonight has really brought the ice into focus and honestly we're teetering between 4 and 5 ice axe conditions out there at last. Once the snow firms up a bit I think we'll be at a 5.

I talked a lot about the snow conditions last week, and we're close to the same status, but I'm not going to belabor the point. Just be aware that there is a LOT of snow right now and you need to be aware of what's above you. Here's a picture of some folks on Cinema and another of the AT/Mt Webster Trail from this morning. It doesn't look as if anyone's been on Webster or Shoestring and if you're thinking about doing that one you might want to bring snowshoes! As far as Cinema goes, it mush have been quite the slog back across the upper ledge to get to Hitchcock.

I've known Rich Page for 20 years and have always loved the stuff he has created. I owned an original SG pack BITD and swore by his gaiters as well. He was a designer for Hyperlite and was involved in their pack development, as well as other gear. He has recently gone back out on his own and created a new pack design that calls on everything he has learned over the years. My good friend Matty Bowman has been testing a prototype and frankly I'm very impressed. When they are available you can bet I'm going to get one. It has everything I need in an ice and/or rock cragging pack. I'm also excited to welcome Rich and Savage Gear as a NEClimbs sponsor. Here's a shot of him with the new baby.

Savage Gear is located at Will's Inn, on the right side of 302 in Bartlett. If you need something repaired, which he is a master at, want to chat gear or play some darts stop by. Be Aware that he is a mean dart-aficionado! Currently the best way to get in touch with him is through FaceBook.
Ice Conditions Report:
Selected Ice Conditions effective November 26, 2020
YUP, the ice has been forming in the notches and the higher elevations, tho nothing here in the Valley. People have been climbing in Tucks, Pinnacle and I even heard that there was reasonable ice on Mt Avalon - tho that's a slog. That said, it's not clear where things will be after this weekend's rain and warmup. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. At least all this sure puts some water in the system. [wry grin]
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On Monday, for the first time in several weeks I headed over to ride the East Side a few days ago. This was of course prior to the big snow we got on Tuesday. It has been a while since I'd checked out Sticks & Stones, and I thought maybe it had gotten packed out. Unfortunately it was narrow, booted and soft, so I turned around after about 100'. [sigh] Back at the kiosk I headed down the well-packed trail towards Pudding Pond, hung a left at the intersection and then took another right that goes to Pillar To Pond. All that bit was quite good. The Pillar To Pond looked good and it appeared that someone had ridden it, so I headed in that direction. I walked the little bridge and at first it was was OK. Unfortunately the further I went, the narrower and softer it got until I finally had to walk. Fairly quickly I got to the spot where the trail runs close to the power lines and snowmobile tracks. I popped out there and started following the tracks back north. It was OK in places and soft in others. I took the right at the Peaked/Middle trail and rode up to the intersection. This trail was, as always, in great shape. The only downside was a soft of dog poop right in the middle of the trail! I didn't stop on the way up, but did stop and clean it off on the way back down. Interestingly enough there were several folks walking that just walked by, ignoring it. [arrggh] It may be time to check out the stuff behind Walmart and the Quarry soon. At least there will be snow machine trails to ride.

PS check out the neat insulated helmet cover. I'm trying it out for Choucas Hats and I really like it. With that and one of their thin beanie hats, my head stays toasty warm. Stay tuned.

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
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