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BugCON 4: almost too intense for climbing, DEET required
4 out of a possible 5
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Description: An out-back cliff that's actually not all that far away. From the top of Cathedral Ledge where it faces Whitehorse, at the spot known as the classroom, it is possible to see this cliff to the west behind Whitehorse Ledge.
Directions: There are several ways to get to this cliff. 1 and 2 below are the different starts. The 3rd paragraph is common to both.

1) Take West Side Road to Passaconway Road. Follow Passaconway Rd. for approximately 1.5 miles turning right onto the mineral site road that angles right and uphill. Follow this road past occasional houses for another 1.5 miles until the road forks at a gate and there is a sign with a hammer indicating mining. Park here and mountain bike or hike past the right-hand gated logging road for aproximately two miles. Stay to the left eventually making a curve to the left, passing a gate and climb a fairly steep hill. Continue on about 1/4 mile, looking for a open area on the left before you reach the Moat Brook runoff that crosses the road. (Continue after 2 below.)

2) Halfway up the road to the top of Cathedral Ledge, look for a snowmobile/mountain bike trail on the right right at the end of a flat section of the road. Park here and walk the trail over two bridges looking for the intersection with another trail. This is the Red Ridge Trail, a popular hiking trail. Turn left and continue up the trail to a logging road. Go left on the road, across the Moat Brook runoff, looking for an open area on the right. (Continue below.)

Walk into the clearing, climb a tree on the east side and take a compass bearing of the cliff you can see out to the west. Follow the bearing carefully. You may find old ribbons on the trees.
Topo: A graphic topo is available for this area. CLICK HERE
Area Name Grade
left side Amis and Paul's 5.7
left side Glass Elevator 5.10
left side Glass Slipper 5.10c
left side Tunnels of Narnia 5.9
left side Wrinkle In Time 5.10
middle The Golden Ticket 5.11
middle The Secret Wardrobe 5.7
middle Vermicious Knid 5.8
right side Everlasting Gobstopper 5.8
right side Oompa Lumpa 5.10
right side Slugworth 5.9
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