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The White Mountain Report: Jun 22nd, 2017
Sometimes it is just really hard to settle in and write a Report. 18 years is a long time to be writing a weekly blog. it would be one thing if I were a politician or a rock star and had all these fantastic things happening to or around me every week to write about. Imagine if I were working in DC, in the Capital and could first-hand observe all the goings-on in the government. Or I was on the road touring with Roger Waters. Or even was a monster free soloist like Alex Honnold! Now THEN I would have something to talk about.
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Our Current Review
The Notches: A Rock Climber's Guide to the Western White Mountains of New Hampshire
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Do we really need another guidebook for the White Mountains? From what I see I would have to answer that in the affirmative!
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Route of the Moment

Carpet Slabber -  5.3

Nice well friction climbing at an amazingly moderate grade. Perfect for beginning leaders.

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The Staircase
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Klettersteig Ridge
The Booklet Left
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Quotes From the Ledge:
I wouldn't last 30 minutes climbing solo.
—Bradford Washburn
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Martin Avidan just after the crux moves on P3 of Above And Beyond.
<br />
Humphreys Ledge
Martin Avidan just after the crux moves on P3 of Above And Beyond.
Humphreys Ledge
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One Of Our Articles: Getting Your (Ice) Rack Together
Ice racks are personal, like fine cars and wives. Every climber's rack is different, and putting one together can be as easy or as complicated as you like. Here's a few tips on putting one together that will do most of what you'll need here in New England.
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