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Current conditions in North Conway, NH at 6:29p on 02/16/20 - Temperature: 26.1 °F - Wind speed: 0.0 mph - Wind chill: 26.1 °F - Barometric pressure: 29.931 in - 3 Hour Barometer Trend: Rising Slowly - Humidity: 67 %
IceCON 4. Climbs are IN at the usual places and generally at consensus ratings.
4 out of a possible 5
The White Mountain Report: Feb 20th, 2020
Yep, we got yet another good round of snow on Tuesday that lasted all day, dropping 10" here in the Valley and more in the higher elevations. I sure was happy that I didn't have to go anywhere 'cause it took some time to clear it out. For this round I actually had to rake the roof, which adds another hour+ onto the process. [sigh] Regardless the snow, longer days, warm temps followed by a significant cold snap last night and tonight has really brought the ice into focus and honestly we're teetering between 4 and 5 ice axe conditions out there at last. Once the snow firms up a bit I think we'll be at a 5.
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After climbing for 15 seasons with the original Petzl ERGO ice tool, how does the new(ish) ERGONOMIC stack up?
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Black Crack -  M7 very committing

The pitch descriptions are by first ascencionist George Hurley.

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Pretty snowy morning on Cinema Gully.
<br />
Mt Willard, Crawford Notch
Pretty snowy morning on Cinema Gully.
Mt Willard, Crawford Notch
Selected Ice Conditions effective February 20, 2020
Pretty much everything you want to climb down here in the lower elevations is in pretty darn good shape, including almost everything in the Amphitheater for a change. Sure Welcome To Machine hasn't come in, but Dropline is getting done a lot. And for those who want BIG, a drive to Willoughby will give you all the big ice you could ask for. Now is definitely time to climb ice, so get on it friends. Just be aware of the snow...
Huntington Ravine snow snow  
Repentance tough call  
Standard Route excellent Click to see route picture.
Dracula excellent Click to see route picture.
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